Garage Door Repair Services

Your garage door acts as a safety barrier of your house, not only to park your vehicles. A garage door adds a charming architectural appeal to your home. But what if your garage door causes you stress because it malfunctioned?

Don’t worry, Crafters Garage Door provides you with reliable garage door repair services. We employ professional garage door installers to cater to your needs. Their experience in the field proves they can handle any type of problem that homeowners face. Our repairmen offer the following services:

Garage Door Spring Repair

A garage door torsion spring stores mechanical energy in conjunction with garage door cables. The torsion spring tightens and loosens when the door is respectively closed and opened. Torsion springs last 10,000 to 20,000 cycles if used regularly.

Alternatively, the garage door extension spring functions as a counterbalance to the door when it’s opened. Extension springs always come with safety cables. The safety cables prevent the springs from flying if the mechanism malfunctioned.

A garage door spring loses its elasticity over the years. Hence, it requires more force to lift or open the door. The garage door even gets stuck after you lift it a few inches from the ground. Sometimes, the garage door shuts down when the springs unexpectedly break. Repairing garage springs by yourself is possible, but this poses problems. Therefore, we at Crafters Garage Door employ professional garage door installers in our team.

They gladly offer garage door spring replacement seven days a week. Our garage door installers equip themselves with sufficient knowledge of door mechanisms to ensure your safety. They provide garage door spring repair within one to two hours by following replacement procedures methodologically.

Additionally, our repairmen take precautionary measures whenever a garage door spring loosens or comes off. They carefully inspect the condition of the springs if you think they are broken or old. As such, our team of garage door installers replaces your old springs with quality ones.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Years of wear and tear cause the garage opener to break. This jeopardizes the security and functionality of your garage door. Possibly, the fuse broke down while you tried to open your garage door using a remote or a switch. Or when the garage door fails to completely close (or reverses) before it reaches the ground. A simple troubleshooting technique solves these problems. However, “simple” fixes prove to be harder as they fail to address the root cause of a malfunctioned door.

Our garage door installers see to it that the aforementioned symptoms are addressed in a timely manner. They replace a broken or burnt out fuse when a garage door does not open. Our pool of installers also change your remote or switch batteries or even reprogram the garage door as needed. They understand that rusted or damaged rollers and hinges create friction on your door. Hence, they replace them with new ones and lubricate them with silicone.

Additionally, our professional repairmen install a Chamberlain garage door opener to replace your old door. A chamberlain garage door enables you to use your smartphone to receive notifications or close/open your garage. We guarantee the garage doors we install are not easily damaged by weather conditions.

Garage Door Cable Repair

A garage door cable refers to the bundle of wires used for raising and releasing the door. Belts, screws, and chains drive the garage door cable. The cables become damaged and worn out over time. A garage door cable came off when it fails to operate the door system evenly.

Additionally, a cable comes off when the spring tension is loose. Most homeowners hear rattling noises when they attempt to open their garage doors. A garage door cable causes injuries if you are inexperienced— unless an expert repairs it for you.

We know the cables are dangerous. Hence, our team of experienced garage door repairmen offers to repair your garage door cable for you. They possess the necessary equipment for repairing your garage door. Moreover, they demonstrate their technical expertise by safely repairing your garage door.

For instance, our installers carefully test or examine your garage door to find the cause of the problem. They connect the cables to the spring to successfully repair your garage door. Our garage door installers fix cables attached to torsion or extension springs.

Also, our repairmen provide you with a new set of cables if the cables are old or damaged. They willingly install the cables for you as well.

Garage Door Roller Replacement

Rollers allow your garage door to move smoothly. They come in different sizes and designs, usually attached with steel or plastic ball bearings. Rollers play a significant role in the overall functionality of your garage door. In fact, your garage door malfunctions without the rollers. Roller break because of certain factors.

Loose, dented, or misaligned tracks cause your garage door roller to go off track. Of course, years of constantly using your garage door make the rollers more worn out. Frayed and damaged rollers produce squeaky and grating sounds whenever you open your garage door.

Homeowners like yourself incur unnecessary bodily injuries if you replace the rollers yourself. Hence, our garage door installers offer to replace them for you. They inspect the rollers if they need to be replaced immediately. Or they lubricate the rollers to make them move more seamlessly. As expected, our repairmen install new rollers that suit the track size of your garage door.

Garage Door Off-Track Repair

Broken springs prompt your garage door to go off track as time passes. Apparently, one broken spring leads to a lopsided garage door. Some choose to force the garage door to stay on track by kicking or pushing it. However, this “method” damages your garage door. Unfortunately, an off-track garage door greatly affects your home’s security.

We recommend you to stop using your garage door to prevent it from sustaining damage. As always, our installers meticulously inspect your garage door and give you the most optimal solution. They conduct services ranging from minor to major fixes to your garage door depending on the severity of damage.

Our garage door installers share replacement options with you if your door cannot easily be fixed. Most importantly, they share tips on how you can maintain your garage door in the long run.


Garage door parts wear down or get damaged with age. For example, your garage store suddenly malfunctions or hear an ear-piercing sound. Repairing or replacing certain parts of your garage door prove to be a dangerous task, especially if you’re inexperienced.

Crafters Garage Door houses a team of experienced and skilled garage door installers. They possess diverse skills and own the right tools to attend to your garage door-related problems. Our garage door experts address any issue with your garage door seven days a week. They help you with anything from replacing a garage door spring to preventing your door from coming off the track. Our expert installers even go as far as giving you advice on maintaining your garage door. Rest assured that our repairmen conduct safety tests before you can use your garage door.

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